Adventures in Michigan


It's always an adventure visiting my friends in Michigan, but they outdid themselves on the last trip. Frank sliced he end of his finger while cutting an onion and waited four hours for Taylor and I to get home before going across the street to the ER. Turns out he needed five stitches - a lot for a fingertip. The nursing staff at the hospital were hysterical. I've never seen anyone pretend to throw up at the site of an injury in the ER. At one point Frank said, "I want to be a nurse." Without missing a beat Taylor replied, "Yeah, well, you wanted to be a chef earlier tonight, and look where that landed you."
It honestly was one of the best Saturday nights I've had all year.

Love is in the air

I flew to NYC on a whim for Valentine's Day. The first encounter I had with the theme happened right in front of me on the airplane - in nice light, surprisingly. Though, it was a bit of a challenge to shoot with the fasten seat belt light on and a passenger in the seat next to me.
The Valentine-themed private birthday party in Chelsea was lit entirely in red. With go-go dancers on platforms, drag queens in sequins, blaring music and an open bar, it was quite a scene. Feather boas, confetti, and discarded halos and horns littered the floors.
Across town, on a quieter note, a young member of NYC's financial hub has a glass of champagne with his girlfriend to celebrate his recent successes.
Then the snow arrived, delaying flights as caravans of snowplows circled the runways.

First signs of spring

Bruce has an affinity for solar gain. When Tennessee hit 60 degrees last weekend, Bruce was beside himself. He rolled back and forth across the porch and refused to come inside. Ambient temperature 63, Bruce 94.


M is for Montana, McMillan and me

Fall fun and fashion on the plains - long overdue.



I went mountain biking for the first time with some friends in Chattanooga in January, which was amazing. I was sure I was going to fall on my face and brake an arm on the way down, most likely three miles from the trailhead. It was a lot of fun chasing our friend around a race course the next day. Although, I managed to plant myself at the bottom of a gravel pit and nearly got run over the first time someone veered through it coming down the hill.

Last hurrah

Who knew bad 80s bridesmaids dresses could take on a persona all their own? What a great bachelorette party. I had a great time strobing the poorly-lit bars along the way. Adding light used to really bog me down. These weren't dramatic by any stretch of it, but the balance between the people and the bar was a success. Whew.

Homeward bound

Another great weekend venture with friends from photo school. I've been sitting on these for awhile. They make me miss the October light. We could use a little more direct sun these days.

Musical venture

It had been a while since my last round of portraits, and longer since I had such a willing subject. This music performance major carted her harp all over the building while we went in search of the right light and backdrop. We even had a few costume changes along the way.