Not too shabby

For Stein Mart fashions or having to shoot on-location, on-the-spot at at strip mall.


Down to the buzzer

Shooting basketball makes me so incredibly nervous. I've only shot basketball at UTC once before, and this time I was shooting on a tighter deadline and shooting for the other school's hometown paper as well. Argh! It is so hard to cover the action of the game well and watch for specific players on both sides at the same time. It turned out alright in the end, despite having a light out in one of the corners to boot.

Skip it

Hooray for children and their fun. This elementary made an exercise club, which looks a lot like gym class, but the smiles seem to come easier after school.



This family built a 10,000 square-foot dream home. The daughters even have a secret door that opens from behind a bookshelf to a third story all their own. "Our home is our hobby," the mother said after taking us through a tour of rooms filled with 18th century antiques, family heirlooms, painted portraits and hundreds of pieces of art, most of it Southern.



Tough as nails, but still checking to make sure they didn't break one. These girls were incredible. Never seen anything like it. Seems like the referees felt the same way.


No comment

Just nice light at the end of the rodeo.


A binki and a gun

We actually ran this picture of the baby and the gun in the print edition of the paper. Everyone in the production lab dropped their jaws when the DOP said, "Oh, I'm here," and picked this image over a tame one. Hoorah.
My mother referred to February as generally the "armpit" of my year - I've been really down lately. This image made me feel a little brighter.



In that great Girl Scout tradition, this woman went solely by a nickname at summer camp. She built a camp on Lookout Mountain in the 1960s, where she served as the director. A time that she can now hardly remember through the fog of Alzheimers. She lives in an assisted living community, still on top of a mountain, and disappears for hours on walks each week.


The Delta Queen makes her bittersweet final journey from New Orleans to Chattanooga, where she will stay indefinitely docked on the waterfront as a hotel.
If you get a chance, I would love feedback on the multimedia I produced from it.


The end...

to a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week. This portrait turned out well enough, though it apparently needed to be horizontal. So back to Chickamauga I went.


Small miracle

What a gift to photograph such an amazing moment in life - the first breath. That huge transition from being an idea to a reality, going from darkness to light. Incredible.
I managed to edit from 925 images to 103. Then I was at a loss. I would love any suggestions for things to eliminate or what major elements I'm missing.


Super irritation

I had to come back with 12 great pictures from a Super Bowl party, where few people bothered to react to what was happening on the screen. This is the only one I liked.

All things sports

Some selects from many sporting events in the last week - action, feature, portrait.
Usually when I talk about someone looking over my shoulder on assignment I mean it figuratively. I shot this portrait with two men literally 1 1/2 ft behind me as I set my lights and made the picture. Talk about pressure.


There don't seem to be any in this valley. Snow one day, 60 degrees the next. Cardboarding, anyone?