Sing it. To an empty room. On a Monday night.


Students from a local private school have managed to fill an entire semi-trailer full of clothes, books, medical supplies and classroom furniture to send to Louisville's sister city in Ghana. Many of the children and professors from the school have already visited the city, and many more have plans in the works. On a bitter cold morning, this group of seniors carried another load out to the trailer, only to find the once-organized space now overflowing with new arrivals. Not necessarily a bad thing in the end.


Just a few portraits in passing from the week. Some of them easier subjects than others.

One of my proudest moments as a photographer was the moment I mastered the art of skating backwards at the same speed as my subject without running over anyone. Capturing other people wobbling on ice - managing a near miss of the complete wipeout - is incredibly fun.
And then I fell. Just standing. Just for good measure.
Revisiting this ice rink was a sentimental venture. I shot my third photo assignment in school here: panning.


A white Christmas this year sent Kentucky families out in the snow on Christmas day. Snowball fights and sledding in local parks.