Weekend in Yangshuo, China.

A few street scenes from around Central Hong Kong.

Tai O village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.


After working for a week on Cheung Chau Island with no time to play, we went back to explore late Friday night. We came across a funeral service, which involves white costumes, loud music and lots of circling; food that can only be described as fried bread wrapped in wet noodles; and this well-bundled bunny.

Morning hours are busy at the old town butcher's shop. He's an incredibly smiley man, making jokes with all the locals as they place orders. His wife seems the task-master. Checking her watch constantly and shooing me away in the end. The butcher keeps his own pace, chopping in time to whatever tune he happens to be whistling.

Early morning on the beach in Mui Wo, Lantau Island. Digging for clams to be cooked with ginger for this morning's breakfast. Found two older men scraping just a year's worth of barnacles off the bottom of their boat with a brick.