Storm front

There was a tornado warning in New York city on Friday night, with wild clouds chasing the sunset rapidly across the Manhattan skyline. The skies never turned green or formed a funnel, but hipsters out on the town ran for cover in the torrential downpour that followed.

Surfing adventure

After half an hour of surfing without noticing the gash left by one of the board's fins, it took about 15 minutes to get all of the sand out of it before stitching it closed. Quite the diversion from the quite Sunday at the shore.

Tangible art

The MOMA has an architectural exhibit outside of a satellite location that begs to be hit, kicked and run through, with a space for a sojourn as well.
Across the street is Five Points, a building covered in graffiti from end to end - even the delivery trucks coming to and from are painted. Someone was shooting a do-it-yourself rap video on the street as tourists walked past mid-afternoon.


Moutaineering 101

Work. Play. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Wildlife spotting

The end to a great week in Northern California - mountains, beaches, elephant seals, urchins, fireworks and fire hydrants, to boot.



Alcatraz Island in the fog, San Francisco, Ca.

A woman reaches over to strangle her sister's panda puppet during a San Francisco Giants game against the L.A. Dodgers. "The Panda," a nickname for Giants player Pablo Sandoval, had just struck out in the second inning, and the Giants lost 8-2.

Cable car, downtown San Francisco, Ca.

Perhaps one of the stranger homes along the California coast, Nit Wit Ridge is an eight-story handmade creation by a one-time garbage man, who used to deposit his collections in the back yard. Most of the structure is held together with random objects - especially beer cans - cemented together over the 60 or so years he lived there.

Moonstone Beach

Spent the afternoon sneaking closer to a group of harbor seals on Moonstone Beach in California. Tomorrow's low tide promises lots of creatures left behind - even a few tourists.

Midwestern adventure


A late-night encounter with two deer led to an hour-long pause on the interstate in the middle of Ohio. People-watching after a sleepless night, watching the sun rise on the shore of Lake Erie in Chicago. Sun salutations never felt so good.