The silent backlog

This may have been the most awkward question I posed this fall: whether these ladies would let me take their picture as they got ready in the student center bathroom for a performance that evening. See? There are pictures everywhere if you're looking, or peeing.

Found a student photographer out at an event commemorating the Berlin Wall. Given some of the writing, the writing on the wall may have been misleading.

Just another campus life feature from my wanderings.

Leaf blowing becomes a full-time operation at Vanderbilt in the fall, national arboretum that it is. The best part of meeting these two gentlemen? The one on the right has three gold teeth in his grill - one with a heart, one with a star and one with a dollar sign. His name is Harold.

Went with a student photographer to football practice one afternoon and climbed the tower to stay out of his way.

Well, at least they got their directions right, even if the calls were questionable.

This character, dressed as the Vanderbilt Commodore may have been the best find in the homecoming festivities.