May your days be merry and bright...


Final trip to Macau last week with a look back at Central Hong Kong. A disapproving look from the ferry station manager and a set of well-dressed shopkeepers hosing down a storefront at closing time.


Back in Hong Kong, I ran into this poor dog at breakfast with his owner. The scene above was taken at the bus station in Sai Kung - spring planting already underway and hats to block the sun, despite the cold.

Dancing couples in Guillin park, Shanghai. They come to practice daily, some to meet new partners.

A small boy jumps into a pile of clothing bags outside one of Shanghai's wholesale clothing markets.

Guards at the Shanghai South bus station nap during their break.

A small cab driver looks to oncoming traffic as he makes a turn in Chungshu.

Members of Shanghai's older generation pass the afternoon in Guillin Park.

A driver waits for the light to change in Chungshu.

Sunset through the smog, Shanghai.

A group of young people wait for the last bus to Shanghai from Chungshu on Sunday evening.



One of Shanghai's many bird and flower markets mid-week and virtually deserted. The birds sounded and alarm and peered through the wooden bars, inspecting the new arrivals. The rooster above picked a fight with one who got a bit too excited.





 A few frames from my wanderings this week in Shanghai, China.

An odd combination of photos from the last few weeks. The Halloween crowd in Central Hong Kong.  A couple out after their wedding on Shek O island. A little girl reading in the back alleys of Mui Wo. Fishermen in the East China Sea. A small boy watching the wilderness go by on the double-decker bus. And the waves crashing in with the tide in Teung Leung.