My first week in the Himalayas in India, filled with mountains, rivers, rice and forty-four girls.


Trying to find words for this experience elicited a sigh.
I was sent to find people evacuating their homes along the river. The only problem was that the water had been rising for almost a week - anyone who was leaving left days ago. I managed to find a handful of people coming and going across the waters now separating their homes from their vehicles. I even stalked a flock of wild turkeys stranded on this island, to no avail.
I spent hours driving street by street up the river with only these to show for it. Then I got a call from the newspaper at 5:30 wondering if this was all I was going to send. Apparently, I was supposed to get different art for the Indiana section as well. And I had no idea, and I had called every phone number on the assignment sheet twice to try to get more information. So, I felt a bit "washed up" in the end. Live and learn!


A group of local middle school students spent two weeks learning acrobatic techniques used in circus acts and put on a show for the community this weekend. Lights, sound, backdrops created the feel of a circus ring, with high-flying students doing flips overheard. How wonderful to be able to make your parents gasp aloud at what you can accomplish.

Almost 90 second-graders dressed as historical figures, from Johnny Appleseed to Squant0, Sarah Palin to Laura Ingalls Wilder, and everything in between. The young man at the top brought his sister as a prop. The students, lining both sides of the school's narrow hallways, gave presentations to their families and teachers.


The New Neighbors projects at Indiana University Southeast brought together Southern Indiana's Hispanic Community at Parkwood Elementary on Tuesday evening. The event included a panel of ESL teachers from Louisville and Southern Indiana to field questions from parents, followed by a health discussion from a Walgreen's Take Care Clinic nurse. Children participated in a bilingual art program.

The Louisville Leopard Percussionists, led by artistic director Diane Downs, performed their "The Big Gig" fundraising concert at the Brown Theatre on Sunday afternoon.

University of Louisville soccer team members learn to assemble and operate water purification systems at Edge Outreach last Saturday morning. The group will install the systems on a trip to Brazil in March.