Another day in the garage, pulling apart the 1970s clunker of a motorcycle.


St. Johns County Sheriff's Department, beach patrol and fire and rescue searched St. Augustine beach Tuesday for the body of a 68-year-old local man who went missing while swimming with his 10-year-old grandson. The boy was comforted by passersby on the beach.
Rip tides are prevalent during hurricane season and are known to sweep swimmers rapidly out from the shore. The water rescue team, using multiple watercraft and a helicopter, was unable to locate the man before the sun set.

Heather Tucker is living her dream. The one she announced to her parents at the age of 6. Very few people seem to arrive at this point - becoming the ballerina or firefighter they desired in their childhood. Tucker told her parents she was going to live in St. Augustine and open a catering business on the beach. When her life in Louisville, Ky., started falling apart a year ago, she sold everything, quit her job and did it. Sitting in a bar now, in St. Augustine, things are coming together. Surrounded by new friends and support, Tucker and Heather's Heavenly Delights are making their way.

Scenes from the beach in St. Augustine, Fla. Visitors, locals, sunrise, sunset, surfers, sunbathers and jellyfish.

Salvatore Antonio is a big name to grow into. Sitting with his parents, both 22, at the Lunch Box greasy spoon in Bowling Green, Ky., he is all smiles.


The infamous boot glass at Tremont Tavern holds somewhere between six and eight beers, though not even the bartenders can tell you for sure. The birthday boy poured out glasses to strangers nearby.

Stacey Wysong and Ryan McCray laugh together as they walk past a historic yellow station wagon during a car show at the Chattanooga farmers market.

Matt Fields-Johnson looks for friends at Nightfall, a weekly outdoor concert in a downtown plaza.

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., hosted a birthday celebration for Krishna, with a brief prayer service allowing families to appeal to the deity individually, followed by a meal together.

Bendabout Farms team captain Owen Rinehart, left, knocked elbows repeatedly with Maryland player Jeff Sheisenger during Sunday's polo match at the farm in Ooltewah, Tenn. During halftime, spectators stomped, or in this case placed, divets back into the field.

Contra dancing in Chattanooga, Tenn., draws an interesting crowd of first dates, old-time experts, teens dressed to the nines and others looking for an excuse to shake hands or do-si-do with strangers. Laughter echoed through the dance hall at All Saints Academy as friends and strangers tripped over one another and swang their partner.


Lots of action in the student center. The online polling for student government gave out at lunch time, sending the current president into a tizzy. The student intern for the gallery space was staring at the walls frantically looking for spots to clean before the opening that afternoon.


Pat, left, and Ervin Caldwell have spent almost every evening the past 14 years at Highlander Bowl, in Glasgow, Ky. They bought the bowling alley as their retirement venture and were initially commuting from a small Tennessee town nearly 50 miles away. At one point during the first year, they found themselves sleeping at the bowling alley so often that they installed a shower. Then they moved to Glasgow. Thirteen years later and $30,000 in college scholarships to youth league bowlers later, they have become an integral part of the community.

Ready, set, go!
Saturday was Rebecca Barnett's second attempt at wakeboarding and her first time to make it to her feet.

Maddie Opacinch, 9, jumps from the back of her grandfather, Richard Leezer's, jet ski on Saturday. The extended family spent the weekend at their lake house on Barren River Reservoir in southern Kentucky.

End-of-summer wedding
Pierceton, Ind.

Three of the news/ed students got together and created their own sports radio show. They were broadcasting live for the first time this week from VSC's new Studio C, which is a fishbowl of sorts. Everyone walking to the smoothie stand next door can hear what's going on in the booth.
The facts they were throwing around as I walked in? Was Vanderbilt the only school in the SEC that didn't win a single game last year? Nope. My dear alma mater, WKU, was sinking in that ship as well. Sigh.