Voyage to the Bronx

Went into the train station and was taken with the scenery. Pulled out my camera with two grocery bags on one arm and my bright yellow purse on the other. I guess, when the mood strikes, it's good to be ready - albeit awkward to look at.



Everywhere you turn in this city, there's a crowd. From the park fence to "the church," where soccer is the religion, and all of the subway stops between.



I found a few new points of interest at the annual Riverbend festival in Chattanooga last weekend. The latest development in the waterfront park hosted hundreds of people cooling their feet in the water and a kayak rolling in it.
The Bessie Smith Strut is just that - the whole city walking past each other for 10 blocks - back and forth. It's an event that typically dissolves into violence at the end of the evening, but in the late afternoon, heat is the only troublemaker.


Cloudy day

Stalked this umbrella for two blocks through Midtown today. Someone was looking for brighter skies as well.


Rooftop escapades

Views of Harlem from the rooftop. Day and night.

Never a drag

Louisville's drag show is such a hit it runs three performances a night, all of them unique, each weekend. Great moments and audience participation are par for the course. The self-confidence radiating through the room is contagious.