Went on an incredible climbing trip to an island off Shek O and ended up back on the pier at the end of the day.

We came across a series of wedding photo shoots in Shek O on our way back from climbing on the island. I took a picture of each couple as they laughed at the rag-tag foreigners walking past.


Today I had to go to Hong Kong Central to apply for a new passport. The architecture got the best of me and I took pictures as I tried to locate the MTR station once again.

Staff training wears me out for all the right reasons. We have been going to all the little towns on the island doing every possible activity in preparation for the activities we will lead later this fall.

My first grocery trip into the closest town, Sai Kung, from the house in Hoi Ha.

A four-course lunch, a scavenger hunt, a long hike, a pit stop at the beach and a startling introduction to the local flora and fauna.

My first few days were spent doing training in the small town of Mui Wo on Lan Tau Island. It hardly feels like work when you spend most of your day on the beach.

From Chicago O'Hare to Hong Kong Central. Great climbing overlooking some of the world's tallest skyscrapers and much mass transit on my first day back in Asia.


End of summer blues