A view of Seoul, South Korea, from the top of the mountain, where the great forts once stood. Now, the gates are covered in locks of love from couples around the world.



  Beijing, China. Freezing temperatures made for a snowy climb on the Great Wall, and a coat of ice at the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City.


Xi'an, China
The first capital of the first nation here. A thick wall surrounds the heart of the city and its temples.


For those who will never see it in person, the Terracotta warriors are incredible. Truly. They are each over 6 feet tall. Each with individual skin tones, hands and faces. Approximately 700,000 people constructed the 8th wonder of the world, and almost all of them were killed afterwards to protect the location of the clay army and the dead emperor they protect. Perhaps the most amazing thing was that they are still digging. It is a work in progress, like a cave without an end.